Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes. Yours are the best I’ve ever had. You have a real feeling for the abilities and limits of those in the class and a wonderful centering presence.


We loved your easy-going way of working and are so excited and pleased. You have given us a beautiful record of our time together and showed us moments and sides of ourselves we would not have seen. You are gifted at bringing out the inner beauty. The colors of our shirts and the backgrounds you chose are spectacular.


I feel like you really gave thought to my personal situation as though I was your only client. You really listened to me, and then used your talent to design the perfect program for me.


Carol has a great gift of teaching – she encourages one to strengthen and push the limits of one’s growth, yet simultaneously she reminds us to be gentle and listen to our own bodies. As a woman recovering from childhood sexual abuse, I have had a very tortured relationship with my own body. My healing has been enormously contributed to by her classes over the past 2 years. She has helped me affirm my body as it is, not as the media says it should be


On and off, over the past thirteen years, Carol has provided state-of-the-art, sensible advice on exercise, wellness, and nutrition. Equally important, she has provided the inspiration and support I need to maintain my fitness program. Although I live in Boston and have access to some of the finest trainers in the country, I choose to have email and phone coaching with Carol. She is, without a doubt, the best personal trainer I have met. In fact, if I were you I would stop reading and get right to work with Carol.


You’re a dream trainer: So knowledgeable, patient, persistent, and encouraging.


You have been a blessing & a constant source of joy & inspiration to me. I love your genuine personality!


You are the best, most patient, kindest soul I have worked with and I cannot ever thank you enough.


You captured the love we share and made our photos look so natural and casual. It was exactly what we were hoping for

Pam & Ron