Personal Training


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Workouts to Balance Body, Mind & Spirit

  • INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT: Your strength, endurance, flexibility, posture, and balance will be assessed to identify your assets and weaknesses and any imbalances your body may have, so that a safe and effective program to address them can be created.
  • PERSONAL PROGRAM: Your goals, medical considerations, present physical condition, time constraints, and past exercise history will all be mindfully factored into the design of your customized exercise program.
  • PRIVATE TRAINING: You will learn the exercises in the privacy of your home, with constant guidance and feedback on proper form and alignment.
  • MOTIVATION: You will be given the encouragement required to achieve your goals and the mindful empowerment skills needed to maintain them as they become new lifestyle habits.

Private Fitness Training/Mindful Life Coaching Services:

Research has shown that exercisers who received something so small as weekly encouragement e-mails had greater success and better adherence to their wellness programs than those who had no support.

  • Private in-home fitness training or aquatic exercise/therapy in your pool.
  • Custom exercise program design.
  • Phone/e-mail mindful life or fitness coaching: Weekly/monthly plans.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact Carol.

Fitness Tip:
Two-More Reps Rule

During strength training when it gets hard and you want to stop, say to yourself: “I can do two more reps.” In cardio, use the same principle, substituting minutes for reps. (Remember this does not mean to push to unsafe levels or to sacrifice form that could cause harm.) We are conditioned to stop simply because we are impatient. Almost always we can do two more – and that’s how you continue to get results. Remembering this principle will also help you stay mindful and aware as you exercise.

You are the best, most patient, kindest soul I have worked with and I cannot ever thank you enough.