“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

On a recent hike, after a week of unseasonal, ninety-degree days, I spotted some flowers growing out of a crack in a boulder.  A lone clump of yellow California poppies.  Masses of yellow and orange poppies can often be seen growing happily and nonchalantly in our dry sandy soil, but there were none nearby.

Fascinated that flowers could grow within a crack in a rock, I had to photograph it.  The crevice was thin and had no dirt, but probably any moisture from morning dew had been retained there and provided just the right amount to germinate a windblown seed from an unknown patch somewhere else.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

The week prior to seeing the poppies, I had bought a Trader Joe’s card with this phrase on the front,P1090879 but while it sat on the counter for days waiting for me to think of who to send it to, the words kept calling out to me.  When I came upon the flowers growing in the rock, I realized the card was indeed meant for me.  There could not have been a better caption for the photo than this.  Yet another lesson from Mother Nature, demonstrating the resilience and fortitude we humans need to emulate, to both survive – and live peacefully.  I have found that when I slow down and stay mindful, I am aware of these kind of messages and instead of pushing them away, take time to pause and reflect on their meaning and relevance to my life.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Flowers bloom when they are ready – on their own schedule.  Not always living up to others’ expectations.  They aren’t afraid to show off or reveal their faces when standing alone, nor do they care if they blend in with a crowd of others, or even if no one admires them.  They bloom anyway, where they are planted, or where they land.

We’ve all been in places and situations we have not wanted to be.  Sometimes we just suck it up and bear with it, maybe becoming unconscious, dreaming of a better future.  Other times we fight it and become bitter or angry or wallow in self-pity.  Sometimes we fluctuate between both states.  The concept of bloom where you are planted reminds me that we do have a choice.  We can accept where we are – that perhaps this difficult time or situation will teach us something – at the very least, tenacity, will, courage.  It won’t make the pain or frustration go away, but it will reduce our suffering.  And just maybe we’ll grow and bloom from the process.

Bloom Where You Are Planted


I want to be that bright yellow poppy.  To grow out of barrenness.  A ray of sunshine in the dirt of negativity.  To live through my soul and not my ego. To be mindful in an unmindful world.  To be that person I aspire to be.  To allow my kharma to be my dharma. To not be focused on the future but to flourish where I am planted today. To be fertilized by the cultivation of my daily work. To weed out what I no longer need so there’s room to grow. To find sustenance in the smallest gifts of everyday things I take for granted. To let positivity rain on my life. To bloom where I am planted.





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