IMG_0066How exactly will mindfulness help you stick with your intentions?

When you are fully aware in the present moment you do make healthier choices. Think about it: When you are unmindful, you lose control over your actions and become reactive. Mindfulness, like a vigilant personal trainer, helps you become a keen observer of yourself, giving you the wisdom, willpower and patience to stay in balance, which is the key to developing lifelong healthy habits. Even a little bit of mindfulness goes a long way, so give at least one of these tips a try:


  1. Disconnect More from Technology and Reconnect Instead to Your Own Lived Experience so you can be in touch with your feelings and what it is you need to feel fulfilled. Budget usage of email and texts. Unplug as often as possible. Limit social media time. Disconnect after sunset or at least an hour before bed to allow less interrupted sleep and more energy to exercise.

  2. Seek Silence and Stillness of winter: Slow down and synchronize with the natural forces at play. P1110322
    Rejuvenate your reserves by spending more evenings at home. Especially after a frenetic holiday season, we need this month to come back into balance. Curb addiction to stimulus or activity by sitting in silence, connecting to your breath a few minutes each day. Journal or take up a quiet creative pursuit that brings you joy. Eat mindfully and slowly and you will be satisfied with less and (in time) have less desire for unhealthy food. Practice yin (gentle) yoga to replenish your energy and calm the nervous system. Stay conscious as you exercise so you can avoid injury from pushing too hard or not listening to what your body is telling you. Alternate high intensity (yang) workout days with low intensity (yin) workout days to help you stay mindful of your body and energy while respecting it’s need for recovery.

  1. P1100332Be in Nature Daily – this medicine for our soul is essential to our well-being. Outdoor exercise increases motivation, self-esteem and energy more than indoor exercise. Connect to your senses: Notice the coolness of the air, the light, the quiet. Feel the essence of nature around you and within you, as you observe the quietness in your own mind.

For more tips, read January chapter of “Twelve Mindful Months: Cultivating a Balanced & Fit Body, Mind & Spirit” by Carol Tibbetts.